The Angkor Photo Festival July 8, 2016 17:00

Ever wondered what the longest running photo festival in Southeast Asia looked like? 

Angkor Photo Festival Exhibition © Irene Yap

The Angkor Photo Festival looks for portfolios of work that engage social issues across the world. This year’s festival however comes with a twist.

For the first time in 12 years,  multi-media entries that are up to 10 minutes in length will now be accepted. Festival organizers acknowledge that the advancing digital age has allowed narratives to be presented in new and engaging formats. 

 Programme Coordinator Françoise Callier explains: 

When the right balance between photography, video and audio is found, the strength of the testimony can be further revealed in a more spirited way.

Submissions are entered under the “Open” or “The Impact Project” category, with the latter looking for stories that aim to make a difference. 

The annual festival also offers a series of workshops conducted by international professionals to nurture developing photographers in the region by providing technical skills training and guidance in developing their own aesthetic vision.

Anjali Photo Workshop © Zinkie Aw

These workshops are free of charge, and alumni who pursue photography professionally return in subsequent years as mentors in these workshops to groom future talent. 

Check out snaps from their current exhibition here, and look out for Zhuang Wubin’s forthcoming book, Photography in Southeast Asia: A Surveywhich contributes to the global conversation on whether photography can truly mobilise social change.