Call for Manuscripts - New Book Series April 29, 2022 12:28

Across the Global South: Built Environments in Critical Perspective

The series seeks to expand the global intellectual footprint of architectural studies by taking as our starting point perspectives from the Global South, with an initial focus on the region of remarkable socio-political and cultural complexity known as “Asia”. By focussing on mobility, change, flexibility, and entanglement, “Across the Global South” highlights the need for an interdisciplinary, transregional perspective on thinking and writing about the built environment. The series aims to investigate socio-political transformations across the Global South using the design, construction and occupation of the built environment as its primary lens, identifying various stakeholders as agents of change.  

Series Editors:  Anoma Pieris (U of Melbourne); Farham S Karim (U of Kansas); Lee Kah Wee (NUS),

Please send proposals or expressions of interest to: