NUS Press Acquires NIAS Press, Expanding Its Reach in Asian Studies Publishing November 14, 2023 15:56

Singapore, Tuesday, November 14, 2023 – NUS Press, the publishing arm of the National University of Singapore, is proud to announce its recent acquisition of the publishing operations of NIAS Press, the publisher of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. As announced in August this year, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies is closing, but the research published by NIAS Press will continue to be made available around the world through the new arrangements.

For over half a century, NIAS has been publishing important work in Asian Studies. The closure of NIAS Press marks the end of an era in Copenhagen, but it also heralds a new chapter in the growth and development of NUS Press in the publishing of Asia-related humanities and social sciences. This transition is a tribute to the legacy of NIAS Press, a commitment to continuing its mission, and an indication of the forward movement of NUS Press after a recent reorganisation and the approval of a fresh strategic plan and headcount increase.

NUS Press and NIAS Press have a long history of collaboration, based on our shared values and mission. Both presses have consistently aimed to bring high-quality scholarship to a global audience via publications available in Asia and around the world at affordable prices. Our past cooperative efforts, including shared publications and joint participation in international conferences, laid the groundwork for this agreement.

While not all NIAS titles will transition to NUS Press due to existing rights agreements, we are pleased to welcome the greater part of NIAS's catalog and the majority of its authors into our fold. Once the purchase is completed, NIAS Press print books will be available through the NUS Press distribution network, in North America and China via the University of Chicago Press, in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa, via Eurospan Ltd, and in Japan, via MHM Limited.

Existing arrangements will remain in place for Southeast Asia, where NIAS Press books will be available in mainland Southeast Asia via Silkworm Books, and in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia via APD Pte Ltd.

NUS Press will work to integrate the NIAS Press backlist into its existing e-book distribution offerings via JSTOR for Books, Proquest, Vitalsource and Project MUSE for the academic library market, and the Kindle store and other online platforms for consumer markets.

As of January 1st, NIAS Press will cease operations, but its legacy will continue through NUS Press. We are excited to introduce NIAS's publications to new readers and integrate them into our catalog. Furthermore, NUS Press will work with NIAS Press Director Gerald Jackson to engage the Nordic Asia research community, ensuring that the rich Nordic perspective on Asian studies remains vibrant and accessible.

We recognise the great contribution of NIAS Press to the field and are dedicated to honoring and building upon its legacy. Our acquisition of NIAS Press is more than a business transaction—it's a commitment to the advancement of Asian studies and scholarly publishing.

For more information about this acquisition or to inquire about specific titles, please contact Peter Schoppert, Director, NUS Press at