Festival of Ideas 2022

To celebrate Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s 18th Anniversary, the school will be hosting its flagship event named “Festival of Ideas”. The theme for the festival is “Asia at the Crossroads: A World Disrupted”, with a focus on the environment, innovation, and international relations, and looking at the opportunities and challenges that lies ahead for Asia.

NUS Press presents here a collection of books that spotlight some of these topics, including:
The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace"A powerful and passionate account of how, against all odds, ASEAN transformed the region and why Asia and the world need it even more today." - Amitav Acharya
- CPC Futures: The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, which considers what the next decade of CPC rule will look like.
Southeast Asia After the Cold War: A Contemporary History, by Ang Cheng Guan - who is attending FOI 2022 - will be of immediate relevance to those in China, the USA and elsewhere who engage with the region, with its young, dynamic population, and its strategic position across the world's key choke-points of trade.

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