Collections of Oriental Manuscripts in Danish Collections

The COMDC series, founded in 1966, aims at providing a complete set of catalogues of the Oriental collections in the Royal Library of Denmark. Concise description of the physical appearance and contents of the documents being its primary function, the COMDC also endeavours to provide as much additional information as can be gathered from the texts, aspiring to serve as a reference work in a wider sense, and photographically reproducing pages of particular interest in the manuscripts and rare books, with the aim of contributing to the study of the arts of the Oriental book.

In addition to the titles published by the NIAS Press, and available via NUS Press, these earlier volumes are currently out of print:

1. Catalogue of Ceylonese Manuscripts (C. E. Godakumbra), Copenhagen : Royal Library, 1980.

2.1. Catalogue of of Pali Manuscripts from Further India (C. E. Godakumbra, assisted by U Tin [win), Copenhagen : Royal Library, 1983

2.2. Catalogue des Manuscrits en Pali, Laotien et Siamois Provenent de la Thailande (George Coedès), Copenhagen : Royal Library, 1966

3. Catalogue of Mongol Books, Manuscripts and Xylographs (Walther Heissig, assisted by Charles Bawdin), Copenhagen : Royal Library, 1971

4.1. Catalogue of Indonesian Manuscripts, Part 1 - Batak Manuscripts (P. Voorhoeve, with a contribution by Carl Schuster), Copenhagen: Royal Library, 1975

4.2. Catalogue of Indonesian Manuscripts, Part 2 - Old Javanese Charters, Javanese, Malay, and Lampung Manuscripts, Mads Lange's Balinese Letters, and Official Letters in Indonesian Languages (Th. Pigeaud, F. H. van Naerssen and P. Voorhoeve), Copenhagen: Royal Library, 1977

5.1 Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts: Codices Arabici Additamenta & Codices Simonseniani Arabici (ʻAlī ʻAbd al-Ḥusayn Ḥaydarī, Stig T. Rasmussen, Irmeli Perho), Copenhagen: Royal Library, 1995

The publishing of this Catalogue was made possible only with the kind support of the
Carlsberg Foundation.