Survival Guide to Acute Medicine (Second Edition)

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Edited by Lee Kang Hoe

Survival Guide to Acute Medicine is a quick reference for emergency medicine, written by various specialists from National University Hospital and National University of Singapore. The handy format provides rapid and succinct information, making it indispensable for medical students and house staff, as well as paramedics working under difficult circumstances.

Survival Guide to Acute Medicine was first published in 1998 and reprinted several times. This second edition was comprehensively updated and re-organized in 2006.

Lee Kang Hoe is Consultant Physician Pulmonologist and Intensivist at the Asian Centre for Liver Diseases and Transplantation where he is also the Director of Critical Care Services. He is also Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore.

Second Edition
Publication Year: 2006
224 pages, 183mm x 114mm
ISBN: 978-9971-69-363-3, Paperback

NUS Press