Southeast of Now Vol. 3, No. 2

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SPECIAL ISSUE, Guest edited by Fiona Allen, Annie Jael Kwan, and Joanna Wolfarth.
Editors' introduction.


Conceptual Slippages: Reading between the Lines of the Roberto Chabet Archive
Eva Bentcheva

Negative Space: Imaginaries of Violence in Cambodia
Darcie Deangelo

Passaging from Private to Public: The Case of Ha Bik Chuen's Archive in Hong Kong
Michelle Wong

Filling the Void: The Anarchive as a Postcolonial Resource in the Cinema of Raya Martin and John Torres
Renato Loriga

The Terms of War and Bontoc Eulogy: Studies in Re-Narrativizing Archival Forms
Cristina Martinez-Juan

Field Notes

Archiving the "Difficult to Picture"
Emiko Stock

Reflections on the Southeast Asia Performance Archive
Annie Jael Kwan


The Photographic Archive as Strategy: Robert Zhao and The Nature Museum
Charmaine Toh

Between Record and Archive: The File in Question
Chloe Ho

OPEN SECTION: The editorial collective, Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia


Colonial or Cosmopolitan? Vietnamese Art in Paris in the 1930s–40s
Phoebe Scott

Emerging Writers Fellowship

Making Space for the Ghaib (Unseen)
Syaheedah Iskandar


Ambitious Alignments: New Histories of Southeast Asian Art, 1945–1990 ed. by Stephen H. Whiteman et al.
Caroline Turner


Emerging Writers Fellowship
Umi Lestari


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