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NANG is a 10-issue magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia. A limited edition collection of words and images on cinema, for knowledge, inspiration, and enjoyment. For more information, visit NANG's homepage.

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Guest Editor
Darcy Paquet

Issue 6 is dedicated to Manifestos. At various moments in cinema history, filmmakers have stepped forth to denounce, to challenge, to argue for or against, to communicate new values, ideas and ideals. They have demanded changes to the prevailing aesthetic, industrial or political order. Some might dismiss such manifestos as little more than cries in the dark. But these public statements have often proved influential and/or prophetic, encompassing not only filmmaking and the moving image but also politics, history, society and more. This Issue reproduces and critically dissects 12 manifestos (self-described and otherwise) hailing from a range of contexts, regions and eras. Although each of these documents were meant first and foremost to speak to the times in which they were written, this Issue invites us to consider how compelling and just as relevant they remain in the present day.

Darcy Paquet is a film critic, translator, author and the founder of
He consults for the Udine Far East Film Festival and teaches at the Busan Asian Film School. In 2014 he co-launched the Wildflower Film Awards Korea, an awards ceremony for Korean independent films.

ISBN: 978-88-941962-6-9
48,406 words / 118 images / 120 pages
Spine, bookmark and back cover artwork: Steven Rodriguez

All information and images taken from NANG's website.