Getting Published: A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences

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by Gerald Jackson and Marie Lenstrup

The biggest hurdle for junior scholars looking to embark on an academic career is to make the transition from PhD candidate to that first (ideally tenured) job. An imperative part of this process is getting published and yet – increasingly – this is becoming something harder to achieve. This book aims to guide both young and more experienced scholars through some of the pitfall s and complexities of getting published. Furthermore, the far-reaching changes affecting academic publishing (e-publishing, new printing technologies, Creative Commons licensing, the collapse of the library market, etc.) are discussed, focusing on their future effect on academic authors.

Although it is in part a practical guide to navigating all stages of the publication process, Getting Published is not simply another 'how to’ guide. Rather, its key concern is to give its readers an understanding of the stages, processes and pitfalls involved in getting from an idea in one’s head (or indeed a PhD thesis on one’s desk) to a published academic book in a colleague’s hand. With better knowledge, would-be authors have greater control over their situation.

"Getting Published is well organized, clearly written, and reasonably priced; it should be on the academic author’s bookshelf." - Anna Marie Roos, University of Oxford

Gerald Jackson is Editor in Chief of NIAS Press and has overseen the development of NIAS’s publication programme over the past 25 years.

Formerly working in academic sales and marketing, Marie Lenstrup is now engaged in the health sector, working with family care givers especially.

Publication year: 2009
298 pp / 215mm x 137mm
richly illustrated
ISBN: 978-87-91114-77-9, Paperback
ISBN: 978-87-91114-76-2, Hardback

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