(Print Edition) China: An International Journal Volume 19, Number 2 (May 2021)

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Unevenness vs. Unfairness: Perceptions of Economic Inequality and Political Support in China
YAN Yu and ZHONG Yang

Making Reform Work: Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment in Rural China
WANG Fang, MA Xiao and CHEN Shuo

Spatial Dynamics of a Social Movement Centred on an Independent Bookstore in China
ZHOU Chang and XIE Yue

China’s Pivot to Global Portfolio Investments through Index Inclusion: A New Chapter of Currency Internationalisation
CHEN Zhenzhen and PAN Xuanming

Can Opening Up of Capital Markets Improve the Stability of Stock Prices? Empirical Evidence from the Shanghai–Hong Kong Stock Connect
JI Zhangbo and ZANG Rihong

Are Schools Becoming More Equally Funded? Evidence from a Western Province in China
LI Ling and ZHAO Litao

A Sociopolitical Analysis of Yi Nao: Public Disruption, Performativity and the Power of Doctors in Chinese Medical Disputes
LIU Tianyang and TAN Xiao


The Decade of Living Dangerously: The Impact of US–China Strategic Competition on Asia
by Kevin RUDD

Institutional Deficiencies of the Paris Agreement and China’s Compliance Capacity: An Evaluation after US Withdrawal
by ZOU Xiaolong


Chronology of Events: January 2021 to March 2021
compiled by CHEN Juan

Important Documents: January 2021 to March 2021
compiled by CHEN Juan