(Print Edition) China: An International Journal Volume 18, Number 2 (May 2020)

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Institutional Complexity and the Conversion of China’s Petition System by CHEN Huirong

Managing Supplier Integrity in China’s Public Procurement by LI Xiaoming, WANG Conghu and LAI Fujun

The Resource Mobilisation Cycle: How Chinese Civil Society Organisations Leverage Cultural, Economic, Symbolic and Social Capital by Andreas FULDA and Jennifer Y.J. HSU

Plunder and Paradiplomacy: The Corruption of China’s Decentralised State in Yunnan Province by Steve HESS

The Role of Guangdong and Guangzhou’s Subnational Diplomacy in China’s Belt and Road Initiative by Dominik MIERZEJEWSKI

Multiscalar Institutional Complicity: An Entrepreneurial City in China’s National New Area by WU Xiaolin, HU Jieren and LI Yongmei


Political Elite Selection in Contemporary Chinese Higher Education by CHAI Ling, WEI Jianwen, HAN Yang, ZHANG Jie and Dwight HENNESSY

The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps: An Insider’s Perspective by BAO Yajun

Why do Judges Cite the Party? References to Party Ideology in Chinese Court Decisions by Björn AHL

China’s Diplomatic Strategy towards Climate Change Negotiations in the Post-Paris Agreement Era by TAI Tsung-Han, XU Bin, KAO Shih-Ming and CHANG Yen-Chiang


Chronology of Events: January 2020 to March 2020 compiled by CHEN Juan

Important Documents: January 2020 to March 2020 compiled by CHEN Juan