Beijing Women Organizing for Change

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by Cecilia Nathansen Milwertz

Beginning with a discussion of the emergence, since the mid-1980s, of women's organizations in China which rejected the older All-China Women's Federation monopoly, this book goes on to focus on selected organizations and networks (such as the Women's Research Institute and the Jinglun Family Centre), providing descriptions of their history, organizational structure and work. The book concludes by discussing these organizations' representation of gender interests and the role they play in the establishment of civil society.

Cecilia Milwertz has an MA in Chinese studies and cultural sociology and a PhD in Chinese Studies from Copenhagen University. She is engaged in studies of non-governmental organizing to address gender issues in the People’s Republic of China. Her current projects include a study of activism against gender-based violence by Beijing women’s organizations and a project on interaction between three gender and development NGOs based in Hebei, Shaanxi and Yunnan province with non-Chinese development aid NGOs and Chinese party-state institutions.

Publication year: 2002
192 pp / 214mm x 137mm
15 figures
ISBN: 978-87-87062-72-5, Paperback

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