Basic Laparoscopic Techniques and Advanced Endoscopic Suturing

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By Arnaud Wattiez, Lan Chomicki and Stephen Chew

The trend towards minimally invasive surgery is growing. Yet there is still a relative dearth of published material for those interested in acquiring the basic operative skills needed for laparoscopic surgery. Written by teaching experts, this book aims to provide practical tips for operative laparoscopy as well as for advanced endoscopic suturing and knot tying.

Topics include: Basic laparoscopic equipment and insufflation techniques; Basic instrument handling; Laparoscopic tissue inspection, dissection and cutting; Bipolar and monopolar electrosurgery; Principles of co-ordination and ergonomy; Instrument handling and set-up for laparoscopic suturing; Laparoscopic needle insertion, removal and loading; Laparoscopic incision repair; Laparoscopic intra- and extra-corporeal knot tying.

Publication Year: 2001
270 pages, 241mm x 173mm
ISBN: 978-9971-69-234-6

NUS Press