An Introduction to Genetic Engineering: Life Sciences and the Law

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By George Wei

Life sciences are an area of technology constantly in the news. The moral, social, economic and legal issues raised by the latest work in the life sciences are immense. These include the legal issues that concern the use and abuse of genetic information: the right of the individual to genetic privacy, whether in the context of employment, insurance or general social and commercial intercourse; intellectual property concerns: the right to give measured protection to life sciences technology and its products from unfair appropriation; and questions of regulation and control: the need to supervise, control or forbid the operation of life sciences research, and under what conditions.

This book gives an introduction to life sciences and genetic engineering and their relationship to the law. Intended in the first place for members of the legal profession, the book will also be of interest to those who seek to understand the framework within which our societies will manage some of the most important decisions of the new millennium.

George Wei is a Professor of Law at the Singapore Management University.

Publication Year: 2002
340 pages, 208mm x 193mm
ISBN: 978-9971-69-260-5, Paperback

NUS Press