Acute Glaucoma: Acute Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma. Major Global Blinding Problem

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By Arthur Lim

Acute primary closed angle glaucoma is a dangerous eye disease on the increase. It can blind a patient rapidly. Yet, blindness from acute glaucoma is preventable as the symptoms draw attention of the patient. With the help of nurses, healthcare workers, general practitioners, specialists and eye surgeons, blindness can be prevented.

In our world today, there are 60 million people suffering from glaucoma. Of these, 6 million are blind. Half (3 million) were blinded by closed angle glaucoma, of which, half (1.5 million) from acute glaucoma. These figures will increase with coming years because of the ageing population. Will we be guilty of professional indifference if we remain silent? We must act now.

Arthur Lim is Clinical Professor, Department of Orhthalmology, National University of Singapore. He was Chairman of the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Founding Director of the Singapore National Eye Centre.

Publication Year: 2002
100 pages, 260mm x 170mm
ISBN: 978-9810-45-948-3, Paperback
ISBN: 978-9810-45-617-4, Hardback

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