CPC Futures: The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

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Edited by Frank N. Pieke and Bert Hofman

With contributions from: Jude Blanchette, Vincent Brussee, Tai Ming Cheung, Diana Fu, Lance Gore, Paul Haenle, Bert Hofman, Heike Holbig, Rui Hou, John Lee, Jonghyuk Lee, Wendy Leutert, Li Nan, Richard McGregor, Barry Naughton, Frank N. Pieke, Xiaoyu Pu, Nathaniel Sher, Victor Shih, Sarah Y. Tong, Zhongyuan Wang, Christine Wong, and Yao Yang.

What will the upcoming 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) bring, and what will the next decade of CPC rule look like? Who will rule China and what future do they envision for the Party and China? In this volume, the East Asian Institute in Singapore brings together an exceptional team of world-leading China experts from Asia, the United States, Europe and Australia to set out the future implications of trends in CPC politics and governance in CPC General Party Secretary Xi Jinping’s “New Era.”

The essays collected in this volume bring together cutting-edge research and insights into China’s economy, society, politics, military and international relations targeted at a professional audience in government, business, the media, NGOs and universities.

The book is distributed Open Access under a Creative Commons license, and sold in print editions in Asia.

Frank N. Pieke is professor of Modern China Studies, Leiden University and visiting professor at the East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore.

Bert Hofman is the director of the East Asian Institute and Professor of Practice at the Lee Kuan Yew School of the National University of Singapore.

Publication year: 2022
202pp || 229 x 152 mm
5 tables, 1 figure
ISBN: 978-981-185-162-9

Distributed for the East Asian Institute, NUS, by NUS Press.