The Temiars of the Puyan River, Vol. 1: History, Culture and Situation of the Orang Asli of Pos Gob

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David P. Quinton

The Temiars of the Puyan River is the story of a Temiar community in the Kelantan hinterland. Never before has it been told in such detail and clarity, even though anthropologists have been intrigued with the Temiars for over a hundred years. It is a story of their survival in the deep rain forest of the Malayan Peninsula, from time immemorial to the present, living according to a ritual and social system taught to them through dreams, whereby they could placate the adverse spiritual entities of the wild and live peaceably as part of a strong ethnic group. Their dependence on natural resources has bonded them to the forest for millennia, and this is the lifestyle they seek to preserve today. Ten years of interaction with these true guardians of the forest has enabled David P. Quinton to piece together the facets of an unseen belief system and learn what makes them at one with their environment. He has also uncovered a wealth of knowledge that the Temiars possess of natural species and their uses.

In Volume 1, readers are presented with an immersive exploration of the life and culture of the Temiars. The book delves into their unique way of life, which centers around a profound connection with nature, as well as their adherence to strict taboos and their reliance on dream guides and spiritually adept leaders. Quinton also provides a detailed account of the practical methods used by the Temiars for sustenance, which include foraging and hunting in their unspoiled environment. The author’s passion for the subject is reflected in his own photographs, which provide a vivid and authentic look at the Temiars’ day-to-day lives. Additionally, the book contains a comprehensive list of over 1000 species from the plant and animal kingdoms known to the Temiars, offering a unique insight into their deep knowledge of the natural world. Overall, Volume 1 of Quinton’s book series provides a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to the unique culture and lifestyle of the Temiars.

David P. Quinton born in England, in 1977, was introduced to the Malay communities of Kelantan in Malaysia when he was only 19 years old. He spent four years, from 1999–2003, reviving a cottage industry at Kampung Mambung, a small village producing pottery, upriver from Kuala Krai. In 2007, he made his first acquaintance with the Temiar people, at Kuala Betis, on the slow-moving Nenggiri River. Later, in 2010, he drove up the dirt roads to reach the hinterland Temiars of Pos Simpor and Pos Gob.

Publication Year: 2022
206pp / 254 x 203mm
ISBN: 9781739134419

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