China's Emerging New Economy: Growth of the Internet and Electronic Commerce

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By Nah Seok Ling and John Wong

The New Economy has hit China, driven by the Internet and e-commerce. China has made a good start in both areas. Since its debut, subscribers to the Internet grew exponentially from a mere 1,600 in 1994 to 16.9 million in mid-2000. E-commerce transactions registered a total revenue of 200 million yuan in 1999, or twice as much as in 1998. B2C e-commerce is expected to grow by 300% in 2000. However, the rapid growth of the sectors is constrained by certain factors.

Focusing on China's nascent Internet and e-commerce industries, this book presents the historical development, current market status and future growth, as well as discusses the problems and issues facing the two sectors.

Businessmen, corporate planners, business associates, researchers, engineers, technologists, academics and students interested in China's Internet and e-commerce sectors will find the book useful.

"This book stands virtually alone in an area that warrants academic enquiry...All in all this is a very informative book, and is recommended reading for those who want a fairly balanced perspective on China's e-commerce achievements and modernization strategy." - Jason R Lacharite

Publication Year: 2001
152 pages, 229mm x 152mm
ISBN: 978-9810-24-495-8, Paperback

NUS Press and World Scientific