(Print Edition) China: An International Journal Volume 19, Number 4 (November 2021)

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Plus ça Change: Three Decades of Fiscal Policy and Central–Local Relations in China
Christine Wong

The Emergence of Environmental Policy in China: Multiple Streams and the Shaping of a Technocratic Bias
Coco Dijia Du, Erik Baark

Discipline the Party: From Rectification Campaigns to Intra-Party Educational Activities in China
Luo Zhifan

The Belt and Road Initiative: Implications for China's Foreign Aid
Zhang Min

China's Seaport Diplomacy in the Eastern Mediterranean: Features, Dynamics and Prospects
Zou Zhiqiang, Sun Degang

From Soft Power Policy to Academic Diplomacy: The "Belt and Road Initiative" in EU–China Internationalisation of the Higher Education System
Manuel Perez-Garcia, Oriol Nierga

Public Welfare Resource Mobilisation: Strategies Adopted by Christian Churches in China
Liu Ying, Zhang Xiaoshan

Specialty Mediation Committees for Medical Disputes in China
Wu Jie

A Comparative Study from the Perspectives of Institutionalism and Culturalism of Patient Trust and Related Influencing Factors in the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan
Chi Shang-xin, Su Shi-xi, Xu Ying

Exploring the Determinants of the Evolution of Doctor–Patient Conflict in China: A Group Behaviour Perspective
Li Zhi, Xu Jia, Wei Jiuchang


China–Asean Relations July 2021 to September 2021: Chronology of Events
Chen Juan

China–Asean Relations July 2021 to September 2021: Important Documents
Chen Juan