(Print Edition) China: An International Journal Volume 18, Number 4 (November 2020)

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New Editor-in-Chief's Note

Former Editor's Farewell Note


Rethinking Strategic Alignments: China and the Building of
Wide-ranging and Multidimensional Networks by SONG Guoyou, Andres BORQUEZ and Felipe MUÑOZ

State-led Chinese Nationalism: An Analysis of Primary School Textbooks by ZHENG Hao and Hua-Yu Sebastian CHERNG

The Debate of “Left–Right”: An Empirical Study of Political Orientation in China by WANG Peinan

Implementing the Classification of “Donation-based Legal Personality” in Buddhist Temples in China: Practical Challenges by WANG Xue, NAI Peng, ZHANG Yinzhu and YANG Guang

The Rule of Law, Anti-corruption and Land Expropriation: Evidence from China by LEE Youngjoon

The Binding Joint Interpretation Mechanism under the Chinese International Investment Law Framework: Recent Developments, Obstacles and Suggestions for Reform by YANG Xinglong

Professionalism and Sustainability of Faith-based Social Work Organisations in China
by XU Ying

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Development of China’s Rural Education: A Case Study of Two Counties in Anhui Province by HUA Jingbo and Natalie WONG Wai-man

What are the Factors that Drive Employees’ Intention to Leave the Non-profit Sector in China? by WANG Bing, YANG Bao and QU Yangyi


Chronology of Events: July 2020 to September 2020 compiled by CHEN Juan

Important Documents: July 2020 to September 2020 compiled by CHEN Juan