Vertical Cities Asia: International Design Competition and Symposium 2015 (Volume 5: Everyone Contributes)

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Preface by Heng Chye Kiang
Contributions by Kah-Wee Lee, Sonny Chau Sau Yan, Tan Cheng Siong, Ada YS Fung, Vishaan Chakrabarti, Tay Kheng Soon and CJ Lim

This publication presents an overview of the fifth Vertical Cities Asia (VCA) International Design Competition and Symposium 2015, part of an annual series that began in 2011 which showcases design and research projects contributed by participating teams of students from ten universities around the world. The competition has the aim of investigating planning and design solutions to challenges facing Asian cities today. To this end, each year's competition focuses on a different theme, with past themes such as 'Everyone Needs Fresh Air', 'Everyone Ages', and 'Everyone Harvests' and 'Everyone Connects'.

'Everyone Contributes' explores the liveability of a city from an ecological system approach, when the functioning of every organism contributes to supporting and sustaining the well-being of the ecology. Within this approach, the notion of community, networks, resource sharing, circular economy, collaboration, adaptability and resilience are investigated for their potential role in enriching urban wellness and quality of life. 

The country of focus for this year's competition is Singapore. As 2015 is a significant year marking Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence, a unique opportunity is therefore presented to re-examine and re-think the planning and design paradigms that have been instrumental in the transformation of Singapore over the decades. 

Heng Chye Kiang is Professor and Dean of the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore.

Publication Year: 2016
192 pages, 303mm x 230mm 
ISBN: 978-981-11-0270-7, Paperback

Published by School of Design and Environment, NUS 
Distributed by NUS Press