(Print Edition) China: An International Journal Volume 14, Number 3 (August 2016)

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PART ONE: Special Issue on Local Government Entrepreneurship in China:
A Public Policy Perspective
Guest Editors: MEI Ciqi, CHEN Kang and WU Xun

Introduction: Local Government Entrepreneurship in China: A Public Policy Perspective by MEI Ciqi, CHEN Kang and WU Xun

Two China Models and Local Government Entrepreneurship by CHEN Kang

An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Land-Transfer Revenues on Local Governments’ Spending Preferences in China by LI Hui

Local Government Entrepreneurship and Global Competitiveness: A Case Study of Yiwu Market in China by WU Xun, M. RAMESH, Michael HOWLETT and GU Qingyang

Local Government Entrepreneurship: Public Goods, Public Risks and Public Administration by HU Xiaobo

Policy Diffusion in China: Contracting Out Elder Care by Jessica C. TEETS

Fostering Local Entrepreneurship through Regional Environmental Pilot Schemes: The Low-Carbon Development Path of China by ZHAO Hui, ZHU Xufeng and QI Ye

The Struggle over the Meaning of Chinese Patriotism in the 21st Century by Karl GUSTAFSSON

China’s Pension Paradoxes: Challenges to Creating an Equitable and Stable Pension Scheme by Joshua FREEDMAN and ZHANG Yanxia

Energy Resources and Income Inequality: Determinants of Income Inequality in Provincial China by LEE Ming-Hsuan

Chronology of Events: April 2016 to June 2016 
compiled by PING Xiaojuan

Important Documents: April 2016 to June 2016 compiled by PING Xiaojuan