Chinese Epigraphy in Singapore: Further Information & Errata


Further Background

Compilation of the two volumes of Chinese Epigraphy in Singapore: 1819-1911 was a massive project that took place over a number of years. As with any such documentation project, the authors expect that there will be errors of transcription and translation especially, but equally of fact. There may equally be differing interpretations attached to the elements described in these pages. These differing interpretations may themselves be of interest and importance, as we look at the way the different institutions covered in the book change and adapt to Singapore's changing circumstances. 

We will use this page as a place to keep any errata and differences in interpretation that arise from this project. If you would liket o raise any questions or queries, or point out errors or omissions, please write to


p. 1238

Date of Founding of the Sian Teck Tng Hall of Good Merit (Vegetarian Convent). The date given in the book for the foundation of the temple is 1903, based on the "Stele record of the construction of the Hall of Good Merit". It was erected in 光緒癸卯年(1903). The Stele records that the building itself was completed in 光緒甲辰年 (1904). The temple's own tradition dates the building to 1902.

Supplementary Projects

The research that went into this project is just one element in a larger project to  documentate the built and  written heritage of Chinese institutions in Singapore. As the different outputs of these related projects grow further, we will link to them from this page.